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Elder Update #5 for CPC

December 16, 2022

Dear CPC Family,

We are in an unexpected season where God is doing something new with us. Though we all desire to know the fullness of His plans, we are confident that God sovereignly works in His people to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose (Phil. 2:13). As we seek Him and strive to make God-honoring decisions, we remain committed to providing timely, detailed communications regarding this transition season. We also welcome your comments or questions – feel free to email us at:

Transition Plan

The transition includes three phases. The first phase runs until the conclusion of Pastor Tim’s ministry on January 1. The second phase runs from January 2 until the transitional pastor begins ministry at CPC. The third phase begins with the arrival of the transitional pastor and ends when our new senior pastor begins serving.

As part of the second phase of the transition plan, we have designated Pastor Mike Barris as Acting Head of Staff effective January 2, 2023 and continuing until the new transitional pastor arrives. This action flows from our desire to ensure that our staff team has continuous leadership support and care.

We have also asked Pastor Mike to be present to our congregation and staff team throughout the month of January. The current plan is for Pastor Mike to be at CPC Sunday-Tuesday each week beginning January 8. During this time Pastor Mike will provide pastoral care and leadership to the congregation, lead and support the staff team; and continue his work with CPC and the elders.

Preaching Schedule

Pastor Tim will be preaching his final sermon January 1. Arrangements have been made to have a gifted group of preachers with us through the remainder of the month. They are:

January 8 Reed Jolley January 15 Chuck Wysong January 22 Mark Mitchell January 29 Ronald Britt

Student and College Ministries

As we mentioned in our December 8 letter, we are at work developing a clear plan to continue moving middle school, high school and college students into deeper relationships with Christ. We have a calendar of upcoming events and gatherings over the next several months and it is our desire to enhance the team of staff and volunteers serving students. Work is also underway to hire a gifted individual to lead these ministries. Please pray for our Family and Youth Ministries, that God would raise up volunteers to join the wonderful team of people ministering to teens and college students. We are hoping that God would speak specially to some parents who might feel called to serve in this season. We will have another update on this ministry in the near future.

Transitional Pastor

The Session Transitional Pastor Search Team, comprised of John Scherer (Chair), Greg Ogden, and Hans Hess is continuing its work of conducting interviews, listening to sermons, and performing reference checks. Please pray for them as they seek to discern the person God has for CPC.


We will continue providing written updates with the latest information and also in-person communications from elders during Sunday services each time an update is released. Additional communication channels we are using include:

  • The email address which serves as the best way for you to ask questions or share suggestions.

  • The Resource page on the CPC website for 24/7 access to all information including previous updates:

  • Video communications where appropriate.

Intercessory Prayer Team

We thank God for the wonderful group of people who have accepted the call to pray mightily for CPC in this season. We are grateful for Mary Randall, Liz Fairman, Elizabeth Hammond, Simon Bull, Tom Jones, Colleen Yard, Siska Larson, Robert Larson, Edna Alvarado, and Becky Jones who are committed to intercessory prayer for our congregation and ministries.

Celebration for Pastor Tim

As part of our celebration of Pastor Tim’s ministry, Sunday, January 8 at 4:00pm, you are invited to bring a card, note or other expression of thanksgiving to show your appreciation and gratitude to the Yee family for their service to CPC. There will be a time of honoring Pastor Tim along with a meal and opportunity for conversation and sharing. Additional details are being worked out and will be provided when available. RSVP now here on Eventbrite.

God’s Word of Encouragement

In this season we have the opportunity as God’s people to pray and trust the Lord because He is faithful and good. “I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness,” writes the psalmist (Ps. 26:3). We are walking by faith and we are filled with hope. Our sovereign God is at work and we trust in His unfailing love. Together, let us continue to pray for God to do great things as we seek His will for CPC.

To Him be the glory,

Matt Bell Dean Gray Hans Hess

Susan Kuhlman Jun Mabul Linda Masten

Greg Ogden Greg Quiring John Scherer

CPC Elders

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