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Church Health Survey Results

September 15, 2023

Dear CPC Church Family, You will recall that back in May we invited you to complete a survey to assess the health of our church and help leadership identify the strengths and weaknesses of our church’s ministry. All this was part of an effort to help prepare to launch our search for a new Senior Pastor. We wanted to know what we could share with candidates who apply for the job what the strengths of the church are and what opportunities for growth we have as we try to address our congregation’s shortcomings. The results came back, and the report was enlightening. The findings of the survey were shared with the elders and the staff at a retreat in July, and we also recently concluded some Focus Groups with members of our congregation in which we presented the results of what we learned. Many of you were unable to attend one of these Focus Groups, so we want to make sure we keep faith with you in providing a summary of the survey results. The leadership of the church wants to be transparent and accountable, so here is what we learned. As a reminder, we used the Transforming Church Insight survey developed by Leighton Ford Ministries, and we conducted the survey tool between May 22 and June 12. 162 people responded, which is a 60% response rate and is considered very high for a congregation our size. These are the areas of our church’s ministry where respondents rated CPC’s ministry most highly:

  • Worship: We are inspired by our worship services. You feel the sermons that are preached are biblical, helpful in everyday life, and draw people to our church.

  • Learning: CPC’s learning environment has made a significant difference in people’s lives, and our knowledge of the Bible is growing.

  • Finances: CPC’s finances are well managed. Our church’s leaders provide meaningful information to the supporters of our church, and many people support the church financially.

  • Building: Our church facilities were assessed as welcoming, appealing, and accessible to the community we serve. Our buildings and facilities are effective in supporting our ministries.

Our congregation is described as caring, committed, friendly, and welcoming. We value Bible-based preaching and education, with a strong focus on God's Word and worship. There is appreciation for the pastoral leadership, sermons, and the emphasis on missions and outreach. CPC is seen as warm, loving, and supportive, with a strong sense of community and fellowship, and the music program, youth ministry, and various Bible studies were also mentioned as positive aspects of our church. You felt CPC has a beautiful building and offers a place for personal and spiritual growth. Overall, CPC is praised for its faith, love, strong foundational beliefs, and commitment to serving others.

These are the areas of our church’s ministry where respondents rated CPC’s ministry which need to improve:

  • Leadership: Respondents to the survey felt the following aspects of leadership need improvement – communication, conflict resolution, dealing with change and building trust. In addition, uncertainty was expressed on how decisions are made.

  • Vision: Survey respondents said our vision lacked clarity, and you expressed uncertainty about our purpose and direction and who we are trying to reach.

  • Connection: Respondents were not positive about how well they felt cared for or ministered to, and a higher priority needs to be placed on congregational care. You felt more emphasis is needed on growing our relationship with Christ.

You emphasized the importance for our church to learn from past mistakes and move forward in spiritual health and joy. The church faces challenges in leadership, pastoral continuity, and addressing divisive attitudes, and there is a desire for greater inclusivity and communication within the congregation. Concerns were expressed about attracting and retaining younger members and the need to improve our outreach and ministry to various age groups. Overall, you expressed a desire for positive change and unity in the face of various internal and external challenges.

We provide this information to you in order to keep faith with the congregation and demonstrate our accountability in leadership, and we commit to working on these three areas of concern which you have identified as matters that need to be addressed. The search for a new senior pastor is underway, and the results of this survey will be a great help to provide an accurate picture to potential candidates of the current state of the church as well as how we aspire to correct mistakes and address concerns. Thank you for your participation in this learning experience, and let us know if you have any questions. May the Lord bless each of you richly, and thank you for your partnership in the gospel here at CPC. In His Joy, Peter Barnes Transitional Pastor P.S. If you missed the Focus Groups and would still like to attend one, please contact Chuck Stees at as he plans one final group for late September.

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