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Pastor Search Team

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Join us in praying for our Pastor Search Team (PST) as they faithfully seek a new Senior Pastor for CPC. The PST will update the prayer requests (found below) after their Wednesday night meetings. Thank you for praying with us as we wait with joyful anticipation for our next pastor!


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Once complete, our Church Profile will be available here.


Stay up to date with our Pastor Search Team updates from our worship services.


Shortly after beginning the search, our session determined that we would need to raise some more support with the purpose of helping our next senior leadership with the purchase of a home (if the need should arise). To support our efforts and invest in the next 70 years at Carmel Presbyterian Church, visit our giving page

For more information on this campaign, please email us



Pastor Search Team Members

Matt Bell, co-chair

Susan Kuhlman, co-chair

Kathy Gray

John Perkins

Chuck Stees

Deanna Tovar de la Vega

Josh Warburg

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