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Elder Update #4 for CPC

December 2, 2022

Dear CPC Family,

In this update, we want to share with you the latest information on our Transitional Pastor search. For previous updates, please navigate to the CPC website:

The Transitional Pastor search committee has been hard at work. We have interviewed three viable candidates for our TP position. We are in the process of listening to candidate sermons and checking references.

It is our intention to present two candidates for an interview with our Session on Tuesday, January 3. Then on Thursday, January 5, the elders will make a decision with the hope that our candidate will be with us by February 1.

Since this pastor will be transitional and temporary, this means we will need housing for about a year. If you have any leads for housing a married couple, please let us know at

Please continue praying for God's guidance in this choice. Always remember this is our Lord's church. He will see us through.

Hans Hess

Greg Ogden

John Scherer (Chair)

CPC Elders

Session Transitional Pastor Search Team

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