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COVID Testing Available at CPC Friday, August 6th from 12-2PM

August 5, 2021

Dear CPC family,

With two confirmed COVID-19 cases among our middle school students and one confirmed case among a CPC staff member so far, we are urging everyone who attended the 11:00 service last Sunday, August 1 to communicate with your doctor and follow proper health protocols and CDC guidelines. In addition, testing for COVID-19 is essential to curb the spread of infection. With this in mind, there will be an opportunity to come to the CPC parking lot tomorrow between 12-2 PM to receive a rapid antigen test. Lightspeed Testing will be conducting the testing and a message from them is provided below.

"Lightspeed Testing is pleased to provide rapid antigen testing for anyone tomorrow (Friday) at the Carmel Foundation (from 9-11 am) and at the Carmel Presbyterian Church (from 12-2 pm). The antigen tests are easy to do, and will get you a result in only 15 minutes. There is no cost to get tested - we will bill your insurance (if you have it) or the government (if you don’t). We ask that everyone please pre-register at before getting tested. It will save you time if you pre-register now, instead of waiting until the testing event.

These tests are highly effective in detecting people who are contagious with COVID, but they can sometimes miss an early infection. Given the possible exposure last week, we recommend that anyone with a negative test tomorrow have a repeat test done next week - especially if you are unvaccinated or have symptoms. We can do repeat tests at the Monterey Farmers Market on Tuesdays, and the Carmel Foundation on Fridays. An alternate option, instead of a repeat antigen test, is a PCR test, which can be performed through the county or ordered by your doctor. PCR tests take longer to result than an antigen test.

If you are unvaccinated and were exposed, you should quarantine for 14 days after the exposure. However, if you do not have symptoms and have a negative test tomorrow, you can stop quarantine 7 days after exposure." Thank you for helping us do our part to stop the spread of COVID. In addition to the testing offered at CPC, there are many other options in our area. Click here for further information:

In Him,

CPC Staff

Carmel Presbyterian Church exists to glorify God and make disciples by Connecting People to Christ through small acts of great love every day.

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