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Session Update - November 11, 2022

November 11, 2022

Dear CPC Family,

The elders have been meeting weekly to discuss and discern CPC’s next steps. In this update, we want to share with you the latest information on our work. For previous updates, please navigate to the CPC website:

Transitional Pastor

We took several steps last Tuesday regarding the Transitional Pastor position. We believe that hiring a Transitional Pastor is an essential step in ensuring a smooth transition to our next Senior Pastor, one that we now realize would have been very helpful in our last transition. Transitional Pastors serve as Head of Staff and lead the session, staff and congregation in preparing for the arrival of the next Senior Pastor. They typically serve for at least one year, through the pastoral search process and hiring of the next Senior Pastor.

With this in mind, we approved a Transitional Pastor Profile that summarizes the role and describes the qualities and characteristics desired in a Transitional Pastor. The profile will be posted on the ECO website and you can click on this link to preview it (CPC Transitional Pastor).

We also approved the content for the church profile which will be part of the ECO posting. Once these two documents are online, we can begin receiving Transitional Pastor candidate inquiries and applications.

In terms of the Transitional Pastor search, in ECO polity Transitional Pastors are hired by the Session. Three elders – John Scherer, Greg Ogden, and Hans Hess – will be the search team for this process and the Session will make the final decision on the candidate called to serve as CPC’s Transitional Pastor. In addition, the Bluewater Presbytery Ministry Partnership Team will also approve credentials and ECO compatibility of the candidate as Transitional Pastors are members of the Presbytery.

Intercessory Prayer Team

As we call upon God for his wisdom, direction and provision in this important time in the life of our congregation, we believe it is very important to have a dedicated group of people lifting up every aspect of this transition in prayer. If you or someone you know has special gifting in intercessory prayer, please email us at:

Celebration for Pastor Tim

On Sunday, January 8 at 4:00pm, we will gather as a church family to celebrate Pastor Tim and his ministry at CPC. Please mark your calendar, more information will be provided soon.

Thank you once again for your commitment and prayers on behalf of our church family. We are grateful for the comments and encouragements that have been shared. As we fix our eyes on Jesus and remain ever faithful to Him, He will accomplish His plans for the church. Together, with prayer and fasting, let us put all our hope in the One in whom we believe (Acts 14:23).

In Christ,

Matt Bell Dean Gray Hans Hess

Susan Kuhlman Jun Mabul Linda Masten

Greg Ogden Greg Quiring John Scherer

CPC Elders

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