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Roots Going Deep - Psalm 1

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water” (Psalm 1:3, ESV)

Last week in Psalm 1 we talked about how the blessed person will delight in God’s Word and will be like a tree planted by the streams of water, soaking up the fresh water from the Spirit, and producing fruit in season. This is a tough season right now but I wanted to remind you that even as your roots go deep in the Lord, it’s going to look dark for a time! God’s not burying you, He’s planting you! The healthiest trees have roots in the ground where you can’t see them and darkness surrounds, but God is working!

Sometimes the prayers I say during bad times are, “God, please take this bad thing away!” But God’s answer often is, “I’m going to give you the strength to endure.” I realize that Psalm 1:2 is asking us to take a step of faith to “delight” before we see any fruit! This means that we are to believe in God’s faithfulness even though we cannot see the growth He’s doing underground. Growing takes time and roots must go deep to produce a healthy tree. 

I have to remind myself that fruit takes time before the harvest. So I can delight during the season of preparation in faith before I can see the fruit. 

Psalm 37 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The word used here for delight implies a heart that is soft and pliable. So as you enjoy the presence of God, we become pliable and we start desiring God’s desires. We get the desires of God’s heart put onto our heart. We start wanting what God wants. The things on God’s heart become burdens on ours.

Join me in trusting that God is at work even though we cannot see the fruit of this season yet. This is a season of preparation. Let’s come before the Lord with expectation that He is going to sustain us on this journey. Let’s envision our roots going down deep and soaking up the waters of the Spirit so that our leaves are fresh, our branches are strong and we are being prepared for a fruitful season to come. It may not look like it now, but God is doing a work as we delight in Him and trust Him for the future.

Living Out God’s Word

Have been able to delight in God’s Word this past week? Just take a few minutes now and think about God’s goodness before getting busy with anything else. Imagine God growing your roots down deep in Him. Trust Him for the fruit that He is preparing. Ask Him to show you how to be faithful today and for an opportunity for you to provide some restful shade for someone in need.


Lord, I know I cannot see all that you’re doing right now. It’s hard to believe sometimes that good is going to come out of all that is bad in the world. But like a tree I will trust that underground you are helping me be rooted in you. Nourish me and grow me so that I can be a blessing to someone and so that I can experience delight in You. Bless me so that my my roots go deep. In time may my fruit be sweet because of Your Spirit’s nourishing of me. Amen.

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