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Our True Union

John 17:20-22 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one.”

Yesterday was the election and I write this not knowing with certainty the results. In a sense the outcome does not matter, even though it feels like this election matters more than any before. Jesus prayed for us to be “one” and that still holds true whether we have a President Trump or a President Biden. Because our first citizenship is in heaven, the union that the Father, Son and Spirit exhibit is to be a model for us Christians. It is our embrace of our true identity as followers of Christ first that helps be better citizens in our second identity as Americans.

Abraham Lincoln said, “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

In these strained times, we Americans may struggle with seeing others as friends instead of enemies. As American Christians we have even more reasons to pursue unity, for as the world sees our oneness, they are led to believe the message of the gospel. When people look at Christians, what will they see? How will they see the love of the Father in the way we love each other?

So today I choose to remember my first citizenship even as I pray for my daily life which is deeply entrenched in my earthly citizenship. As we love, serve and embrace this great nation, we rely on the power of the Spirit to help us see the potential of friendship when I might choose to see enmity. This will not be an easy task, but we can each choose to follow Christ on this path of love that is heading toward a heavenly home where divisions will cease. I stand with you as we pray for our nation, for our President, for our leaders and for our people. We will get through this as we rely on God’s power to realize our oneness is important not just for church unity but for our witness to the unbelieving world.

Questions to Consider

Is there a brother or sister in Christ that you see more as an enemy than a friend? How could you move toward oneness as Christ desires for His church?


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

Heavenly Father,

We come to you today, asking for your providence and protection.

Our country is facing so many issues and is a divided land.

Politics aren’t easy, as we realize that the Gospel does not fully align with any one party.

Grant us love for one another today.

Grant us grace towards one another today.

Grant us the ability to respect other and our differing views today.

Grant us the strength to continue to fight against injustice and to love our neighbors well.

Help us act with grace if our candidate wins, and trust in your sovereignty if our candidate loses.

Help us recognize our privileges and preferences.

Help us love the persecuted and oppressed and fight on their behalf.

Help us remember that no matter who wins, you are on the throne, and this world will always be broken until your return.

Help us long for that day, while continuing to care for one another until then.

Help us seek you out, and represent you well. Amen

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