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New Pastor Survey

July 8, 2023

Dear CPC family,

As we prepare to launch our search for a new Senior Pastor, the Personnel Committee of Session has been asked to review the job description and propose any changes to be included in the Church Profile which will be posted after the search begins and will be used to help potential candidates know what we are looking for in our new pastor.

We would like to hear from folks in our congregation as we undertake this task, and we’ve developed a two-question survey to get a better idea about what you think the primary or most important responsibilities should be for the new senior pastor as well as the main personal and character qualities you believe are most important for the new pastor to embody.

Click HERE to access the link to the survey. It will take you only 5-10 minutes to complete it.

Thank you for your help in providing us this important feedback. We are grateful for your participation, and we would solicit your prayers as we begin this important work.

In His Joy,

Peter Barnes

Transitional Pastor

Carmel Presbyterian Church

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