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It All Belongs to God

“The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,

the world and those who dwell therein,” (Psalm 24:1).

David’s Psalm bursts with a confident proclamation that all things owe their existence to the God of the Bible. There is no thing nor person who can claim their independence from God. For the Christian, this is a wonderful reality for us to lean into each day. For non-believers it is a challenge to see their lives at not belonging to themselves—that each one of us will give account for the life and resources we have been given. We will be give an accounting to how we stewarded our lives for the One who gave us every resource and our very existence on planet earth. Today is another day to reconsecrate oneself to the Creator of the universe and Creator of your life, Jesus Christ. We are all just passing through this place that God has made called Earth. In many ways we must see each person in our lives as temporary gifts and my own life as belonging totally to the LORD.

Dick Nystrom was a longtime servant leader of our church. I only knew Dick for short time, but he made an impact on me nevertheless. Just about a month ago, for no apparent reason, the LORD put it in my mind to give Dick a call. I had seen him online occasionally for a bible study or prayer time but we hadn’t had a one-on-one conversation in awhile. So I decided to follow that prompting from the LORD and call him. I was so glad he picked up the phone and that we had a chance to talk. He had many things he was grateful for, even in these very challenging times. Looking back now I can see how important it was to get that time with Dick.

Most of what I remember from our call was that he had a steady peace about him like he usually had. His connection to the LORD made him someone that people often sought out for advice and guidance. Dick could always be counted on in a time of need. You could always depend on him to show you kindness, extend friendship and display the warmth of Christ. He certainly did that for me each Sunday as he greeted me on the patio. “Great sermon pastor! We’re so glad you’re here!” How I’m going to miss his gift of kindness and warmth.

One time Dick treated me to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants so I could get to know him and his wife Marjorie better. We had a wonderful time together! I hear from person after person how much Dick shared kindness to those he met. He was known as someone who treated everything he had as belonging to the LORD. He made every day count and seemed to brighten peoples’ days wherever he went. Dick was a true gift who is in the presence of Jesus right now. We can have faith that he has been welcomed home with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Living Out the Word of God

Ask yourself, “What small thing can I do for You today, LORD?” God doesn’t need us but yet invites us to join Him on His mission to serve this world in need. Perhaps even making a call to someone who haven’t spoken to in awhile is exactly what the LORD wants you to do.


LORD, may we see as David did that the whole earth belongs to You and everything on the earth. There is no one who can claim they don’t owe you everything. So I give you all the praise today and offer myself and my possessions to be in service of You. Show me how to be a blessing to others this week. None of us are promised tomorrow so I will live today for You. Amen.

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