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Elder Update #3 for CPC

November 18, 2022

Dear CPC Family,

We are committed to providing you with timely, detailed communications regarding this transition season. In this update, we want to share with you the latest information from our meeting this past Tuesday. For previous updates, please navigate to the CPC website:

Transitional Pastor

The Congregational and Transitional Pastor Profiles have been uploaded to the ECO Transitional Pastor Network. The position will also be posted with other job boards including Church Staffing, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary and the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church).

The Session search team, comprised of John Scherer (Chair), Greg Ogden, and Hans Hess, has begun to receive applications and is working to set up interviews of qualified candidates in the month of December. The current timeline calls for Session Zoom interviews with the top two candidates on January 3, and selection of the Transitional Pastor on January 5.

As noted in the last update, in ECO Transitional Pastors are hired by the Session. In addition, the Bluewater Presbytery Ministry Partnership Team will also approve credentials and ECO compatibility of the candidate which will happen once a selection is made.

The current timeline calls for the new Transitional Pastor to start by February 1, 2023.


We also discussed how to further enhance communications with the congregation. We have updated our communication strategy to include in-person communications from elders in Sunday services each time an update is released. This Sunday, elders John Scherer (1st service) and Hans Hess (2nd service) will lead prayers and share with the congregation. Through the end of the year, we will provide at least bi-weekly updates with the latest information. The communication channels we are using include:

  • Written updates emailed to CPC households.

  • In-person reports in Sunday worship services.

  • Video communications where appropriate.

  • The email address which serves as the best way for you to ask questions or share suggestions.

  • The Resource page on the CPC website for 24/7 access to all information:

Intercessory Prayer Team

A strong list of people gifted in intercessory prayer has been developed. We are grateful for names that have been suggested. Invitations are now going out asking these individuals to consider praying over our congregation throughout this transition season. We look forward to announcing names of those our Lord has called to this important work in our next update.

Celebration for Pastor Tim

As a reminder, on Sunday, January 8 at 4:00pm, we will gather as a church family to celebrate Pastor Tim and his ministry at CPC. Please set aside this time on your calendar and join us in expressing our appreciation and gratitude to the Yee family for their service to CPC.

God’s Word of Encouragement

We were blessed last Sunday by Pastor Jim Singleton’s sermon which focused on Joshua as he was about to lead Israel into the Promised Land, into a place they had not been before. In his message, he spoke of how God’s encouragement to Joshua can be a word of encouragement to Carmel Presbyterian Church. “Be strong and courageous,” Pastor Jim said, “God is calling you into a marvelous plan for your future in this congregation. For us today the Promised Land is not a geography, but it is a vision of a calling. It is a place where your effectiveness grows richly.”

Please pray for God to lead us into the future He has for us. Along the way, accompanied by God’s gracious presence, may we encourage one another to “Be strong and courageous.”

For His Kingdom and glory,

Matt Bell Dean Gray Hans Hess

Susan Kuhlman Jun Mabul Linda Masten

Greg Ogden Greg Quiring John Scherer

CPC Elders

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