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CPC Reopening Update - May 21

May 21, 2021

Dear CPC Family,

As we come to the end of a hard fought battle we must remember not to forget the severity of the virus we have been fighting. With that being said, we do recognize that returning to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy is warranted considering the low levels of community spread and high levels of vaccination.

For those individuals who are fully vaccinated, beginning June 15, we will no longer require masks to be worn on our campus. Praise Jesus! And if you are vaccinated and would like to continue to wear your mask, then by all means, please do so in freedom. We are asking each person who calls CPC home to continue to exercise appropriate caution as more restrictions are lifted. We do think it is best that unvaccinated people continue to wear masks inside and in close proximity to others.

One other move towards normalcy is that we won’t be taking temperature checks moving forward.

Our hope and prayer is that we would neither shame nor condemn somebody based on their personal convictions. May we strive to serve the Lord and trust that our brothers and sisters have good motivations and high integrity.

The Session of CPC

Carmel Presbyterian Church exists to glorify God and make disciples by Connecting People to Christ through small acts of great love every day.

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