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CPC Reopening Update - December 4

December 4, 2020

Dear CPC family,

In our Advent Hope series, we’ve been encouraged to hear how both those attending in-person and those watching online are able to worship the Lord as we focus on the names of Jesus (Christ, Immanuel, Nazarene, Beloved). We hope to see you this Sunday on our patio at 9:30am or 11:00am, as well as online, as we join together for the Lord’s Supper.

Though digesting all the latest COVID news can be confusing, currently there isn’t any allowance for worship indoors in Monterey County. That being said, we expect our outdoor patio worship to continue even as more restrictions are applied for other industries. We are committed to making the online worship experience accessible and worshipful to the many who are at home or traveling.

In the weeks ahead you’ll notice more heaters and an improved canopy that will bring more shade coverage and rain protection. We are also looking at purchasing the rented outdoor sound and video equipment that has enabled us to provide for in-person and at-home worship services.

All of these upgrades require additional resources, so allow me to thank you ahead of time for your ongoing commitment to support CPC financially. Your partnership helps us continue to make these needed upgrades and support our ministry to people of all ages on the Peninsula and around the world.

Grateful that Immanuel is truly with us and for us,

Pastor Tim and the Church Reopening Team

Staff: Tim Yee, Luke Barnes, Bob Spencer, Abby Warburg

Laity: Lily Ogden, Matt Bell, Susan Kuhlman

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