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CPC Reopening Update - August 21

August 21, 2020

Dear CPC family,

After having two great services last weekend on our campus patio as well as online, we need to move our services to online-only this Sunday. The fires are too unpredictable and the air quality isn’t good enough for us to gather outside at this time. We will update you next week about future Sunday plans.

As disappointing as it is to not gather in person, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to not only join us online this Sunday but also to think about how you can specifically help someone affected by the fires. As both the River Fire and Carmel Fire continue to grow, it is displacing people and animals and threatening structures and livelihoods.

It is a time to pray and to act. Our deacons have already released some emergency funds to feed those displaced by the fires in addition to the weekly Wednesday meals volunteers make that continue to feed over 100 people weekly. Please email if you know someone affected by the fires that could use support.

Another way you can help fire victims right now is to support local community efforts like the one happening through Valley Hills Nursery (7440 Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel, CA 93923) which is functioning as a collection and distribution spot for items for fire evacuees (831-624-3482).

They need items like:

-Chicken feed

-Disposable silverware

-New socks


-New pillows/blankets

-Coffee (instant is easiest)

-Kid friendly snacks

-Fresh fruit

-Phone chargers

-Sleeping pads/air mattresses

-Jet Boil or similar set up, for hot water to prepare instant meals.

We know our God is good and we are trusting that He will carry us and our neighbors through this tumultuous time.

Let’s continue to gather for worship, pray as a community and act with the love of Christ toward those in need.

Pastor Tim and the Church Reopening Team

Staff: Tim Yee, Luke Barnes, Dorothy Bentley, Bob Spencer, Abby Warburg

Laity: Lily Ogden, Matt Bell, Alain Claudel, Susan Kuhlman

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