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It’s our 4th annual OCC Project Launch! We hope to send as many boxes as we can because now more than ever children need good news and great joy. Our goal is to send 250 boxes! Would you consider joining us by praying, packing, and shipping a box?

This year, there are two ways to participate. Here’s how:

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Option 1 - Online

  • Build a shoebox online by clicking this link HERE.

  • Follow the online prompts to select who you’ll be shopping for and their age. Select gifts from categories like essential gifts, “wow” items, toys, and accessories.

  • Add a note and a photo.

  • Pray for the child who will receive these gifts.

  • Pay $25 for your box to be packaged and sent.


Option 2 - In-Person

  • Pick up a shoebox on the patio any Sunday between October 17-Nov 7, or during the week (M-F, 9-4PM).

  • Decide who you will be shopping for (Boy or Girl, Ages 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14).

  • Fill it with a “wow” toy and other gifts. Click HERE to see suggestions.

  • Pray before and after you fill your shoebox for the child who will receive these gifts. Include a note and a photo.

  • Include a $9 donation or give online through Follow Your Box.

  • Bring your shoebox to the church by November 14th.


See a running total of all our online boxes HERE!

Questions? Contact Amanda@carmelpres.org