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"Get used to different."

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Watch an episode.

Talk about it with Christian friends.

Meet Jesus.

You are invited!

The CHOSEN Season 3 at 5:45pm on Sundays.

No cost. Snacks provided.

September 17 to November 5.

Friendship Hall, Carmel Presbyterian Church.

To reserve your spot, please email

or call the church office (831-624-3878 x4121) and leave your name and phone number.

*Highlights of Season 2 are recapped in the first episode.

Comments from The Chosen: Season 1 CPC Movie Night Attenders:


"The Chosen is engaging in itself but watching it with a group of like-minded Christians makes for a compelling evening. The fact that the characters bring to life the Bible we have all read enriches the following discussions."

- Bill & Gail



“The Chosen meant a lot to me. For someone that struggled with reading and comprehending the Bible, it brought the story to life. It inspired me seeing Jesus work his “magic” on screen. I left with the hope that there’s more to this life than what we see. Someone is out there or up there guiding and protecting us. I’m a visual learner and it was exactly what I needed.” 

- Jon


“Even though Tom and I had seen The Chosen before, we enjoyed watching it again, and seeing things we had missed the first time through. Probably the greatest blessing for us was the fellowship and the fun atmosphere. We loved meeting new people and having time to get to know them–also loved the snacks.”

- Tom & Becky


 “I was able to identify with the darkness and hopelessness of life and how Jesus came into this world of ours to show us the way the truth and the life.”


“Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. Jesus is the most captivating person of all time; I can’t seem to get enough of Him. The Chosen series has both.  When I watch The Chosen episodes, I understand what it was like when Jesus was on earth. The way he speaks to and cares for everyone is incredibly portrayed. Plus, seeing the disciples and others like Mary Magdalene & Nicodemus make the Bible come alive!”

- Cindi



“The thing that has meant the most to me about The Chosen movie nights, besides having the opportunity to see this amazing depiction of Jesus and his followers, is the opportunity to serve with my small group. Rick Warren talks in “The Purpose Driven Life” about how meaningful it is to serve with those who share your same love of Christ. I found it to bring me great joy to see my friends use their gifts to serve our fellowship and I’m looking forward to helping with season 2!”

- April



“I was originally going to purchase The Chosen but was curious to see what my experience would be watching with fellow Christians. The evening started with fellowship and snacks. Then came the first episode. The Bible came alive and made me curious about what detail the movie might have missed…I enjoyed looking up words and places I didn’t know in a Bible Dictionary. After the movie we broke up into small circles and discussed scripture and what we had just seen. I enjoyed it so much I don’t think I missed one movie night and am looking forward to Season 2!

- Carol



The several episodes I’ve seen have enhanced my Old and New Testament understanding of the Jewish-Gentile and Roman cultures. They have also enhanced my appreciation of the incredible Gift of Jesus’s ministry in such stressful and fearful times of then and now. The small group recap, discussion, and prayer has ensured a full experience of The Chosen and not a mere passive viewing.

- MaryLou



The Chosen Leadership Team

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