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You don't have      to grieve alone.



CPC Fireside Room


Have you experienced the death of a spouse, child, family member or a friend? So often after the loss of a loved one – after the service, when the cards and flowers have stopped coming and others have returned to their normal lives – the grief and loneliness settles in.

GriefShare is a weekly opportunity to be with others who have experienced grief and loss. The group is led by caring people who have experience grief and are able to walk with you on the journey through grief to healing and hope for the future. GriefShare is for anyone, not just those who call CPC home. You may share this opportunity with anyone here locally.

GriefShare will meet at CPC in the Fireside Room as a support group that offers a warm, caring environment featuring a video with insights on navigating the long journey through grief, small group discussions, and a workbook for journaling and personal study exercises. The group will meet weekly.

Register here when a new session is announced.

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