Below you will find a list of our ministries with information regarding dates, times, meeting locations, special events, and ways to get involved!

We are so excited to see you join us!

Children's Ministry

Carmel Presbyterian Church is blessed to have an amazing, thriving children's ministry. Our goal is provide the families of CPC with as many resources as possible to start introducing Christ's love to your infant or toddler. For Sunday morning childcare information or ways to get involved, please click the link below!

Middle School

A cornerstone of Carmel Presbyterian Church is our student ministries. We strive to create an environment for our middle school students to come from all over the Monterey Peninsula and learn about who Jesus is, how to navigate faith in school, and ultimately demonstrate what it looks like to live out that faith in Christ into high school and beyond.

High School

Carmel Presbyterian Church has a long and blessed history of providing the high school students of the Monterey Peninsula with an environment built on Jesus' love, biblical truth, and the importance of a tight-knit community of like-minded followers of Christ. Click below to learn more about youth group times, dates, upcoming trips, and ways to get involved!


Here at Carmel Presbyterian Church no matter your age, family dynamic, or where you are in your walk with the Lord, we try to equip you with the tools and community of believers to further your relationship with God. Both men and women, married or single, there is something for you here at Carmel Pres.

Small Groups

Small groups are a core value here at CPC. We believe that small groups are one of the best ways to cultivate healthy spiritual growth as well as a tight knit community of believers. To get involved with a small group, or to learn more, click the link below.

Second Half of Life (55+)

There are many ways for the adults of Carmel Presbyterian Church to meet beyond just Sunday mornings. To learn about some of these ways, please click the link below to learn about The Friendship Circle, dates, times, events, and other ways to get involved!


Here at CPC, we believe that prayer has limitless power. We as Christians are called to pray in a variety of situations, for a variety of reasons. One area of prayer that we hold with great emphasis is healing prayer. Our Healing Prayer Team is available to come and pray with you or meet you at church for a time of prayer for healing. For more information on our prayer ministry, click the link below.